Something Fishy


About us

Welcome to our family-owned restaurant in Lewisham, Southeast London, where we’ve been delighting customers with delicious meals since 1975. Our legacy spans generations, with loyal patrons returning over the years, now accompanied by their children and grandchildren.

Indulge in our signature dish, ‘Pie & Mash,’ crafted with locally sourced meat from trusted butchers and prepared fresh on-site by our dedicated team. Committed to quality, we exclusively use groundnut oil for cooking and procure our salads daily from the local market.

Experience our inviting ambience, complete with an outdoor dining area and accessible facilities for all.

Join us Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 5:30pm, for a culinary journey rooted in tradition and flavour.

Exterior of Something Fishy Fish and Chip Shop in Lewisham

Come taste the difference at our longstanding establishment in Lewisham.

We are a family run business serving delicious food to our customers since 1975. In fact some of our customers go back to when we started, returning with their children and then with their grandchildren.

As well as fish and chips, we also serve our famous ‘Pie & Mash‘. The meat is sourced from a local butcher, and our staff make the pies and pastry on the premises. We only cook using ground nut oil and our salads are freshly purchased daily from the market.

Our restaurant also boasts an outside eating area and we have disabled facilities.

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am til 5:30pm

Exterior of Something Fishy Fish and Chip Shop in Lewisham